Keeping The Girl

Keeping The Girl

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I keep seeing more and more men either lose the girl they're with, or avoid beautiful women entirely, in fear of losing them to a better guy. I don't recall any girl leaving me for another guy. In fact, I don't recall women leaving me for anything other than my own doing. You know, not being able to keep my eyeballs in my head, my cheating, or emotionally closing myself off.

To me, women are investments, and I don't mean that in a derogatory sense. If this woman can potentially have my child, then she is an investment in my future, and I'm going to treat her as such, in the same sense that she sees me as one of her investments and she's going to do whatever it takes not to lose me.

After hearing and reading so many complaints about losing the girl, I think it's finally time for me to share some more information that I'd normally keep close to my chest, in fear of a girlfriend finding this post and realizing my general tactics with her. But I also believe that everything isn't about the self, so here we go:

Find Her Weakspots

This is the source of dependence. You know, if a girl has an emotional weakspot, something that she's really insecure about, then the clear solution is to fill that weakspot. When you can fill that insecurity, said person will do anything to avoid feeling pain again.

Women that I date, they talk to me, and somewhere along the line, they talk about how much confidence I give them. You know, if she's feeling insecure about having a bubble butt, I'm going to tell her how much I love it. If she's had issues with her family criticizing her, I'm going to be the guy that makes her feel better about whatever they're criticizing her about.

Fill That Void

For instance, if a girl talks about doing all kinds of crazy things that she's too afraid to actually do, I'm going to be the guy to make it happen. Remember when Cornfed said that she had that public sex fantasy that every other guy was too afraid to fulfill? Well, I fulfilled it.

Another girl I dated spent all of her time working, and had no real social life. I gave that to her. Some of the girls I date seem really sad and depressed at times, and I make them smile. Do you get what I'm saying?

Integrate Into Her Social Life

I think this is a big one. Part of being in a relationship is doing things together, and when you never wanna do any of the things that she likes to do, then she's going to start to feel distant about you. All of a sudden, her friends don't like you, or they're trying to hook her up with a guy more suited to her lifestyle.

On the flip side, when her friends and family like you and see that you support her, they're going to love you, and if she ever feels down about you, they're going to be the ones that have your back and are going to look out for you so that the two of you stay together. And the last thing any woman wants to do is alienate her friends.

Fulfill Her Dreams

One of the first things I ask the woman I seriously date, is what are her dreams and aspirations. Once she responds, if it's really what she wants to do, then I put my heart and soul into making it happen. For instance, an ex-girlfriend once joked about going to college to become a lawyer. What did I do? I got her the money, got her enrolled, and helped her create a plan for getting to where she wanted to be.

Once I left her and moved out of town, she cried and cried and cried for me to come back. Shortly thereafter, she dropped out of college. As a man, sometimes you serve as her backbone that makes things happen, and without it, she's nothing.

Learn What She Likes

Part of the reason I found it hard to completely leave my ex-wife? She knew exactly what I liked. She knew how to fuck me, how I liked my dick sucked, and how I liked my food prepared. It takes a lot of work to get to that point, and it takes a lot of communication to maintain it.

What many guys will do, is assume that they have the girl, and then they quit communicating with the girl about what it is she likes and dislikes, but if you keep up on it, she's going to find it very difficult to leave you. People change over time, and that's something that you need to keep in mind when dealing with your significant other.

Let Her Miss You

I know, I know, you don't want the girl to grow distant from you, right? But at the same time, you gotta give her space. You gotta let her miss you from time to time. It serves as a reminder as to why she should stay with you, and that it's going to be difficult to find a replacement.